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This Day in History – September 2, 2011




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44 BC Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declares her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion. 44 BC Cicero launches the first of his Philippics (oratorical attacks) on Mark Antony. He will make 14 of them over the following months. 31 BC Final War of the Roman Republic: Battle of Actium off the western coast of Greece, forces of Octavian defeat troops under Mark Antony and Cleopatra. 1666 Great Fire of London starts; destroys St Paul’s Church1752 Last day of Julian calendar in Britain, British colonies1789 The United States Department of the Treasury is founded. 1792 During what became known as the September Massacres of the French Revolution, rampaging mobs slaughter three Roman Catholic Church bishops, more than two hundred priests, and prisoners believed to be royalist sympathizers. 1859 A solar super storm affects electrical telegraph service. 1885 Rock Springs massacre: in Rock Springs, Wyoming, 150 white miners, who are struggling to unionize so they could strike for better wages and work conditions, attack their Chinese fellow workers killing 28, wounding 15 and forcing several hundred more out of town. 1901 Vice President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt utters the famous phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” at the Minnesota State Fair. 1919 Communist Party of America organized in Chicago1935 Labor Day Hurricane of 1935: a large hurricane hits the Florida Keys killing 423. 1944 Anne Frank (Diary of Anne Frank), is sent to Auschwitz1944 During WW II, George Bush ejects from a burning plane1945 Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnam independence from France (National Day)1945 V-J Day; formal surrender of Japan aboard USS Missouri (WWII ends)1963 Alabama Gov George C Wallace prevents integration of Tuskegee HS1963 CBS Evening News becomes U.S. network television’s first half-hour weeknight news broadcast, when the show is lengthened from 15 to 30 minutes. 1970 NASA announces the cancellation of two Apollo missions to the Moon, Apollo 15 (the designation is re-used by a later mission), and Apollo 19. 1986 Cathy Evelyn Smith sentenced to 3 years for death of John Belushi1987 Donald Trump takes out a full page NY Times ad lambasting Japan1987 Kevin Bass is 1st NLer to switch hit HRs in a game twice in 1 season1991 Jerry Lewis’ 26th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $45 Million]]]]> ]]>

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