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Those who keep us safe

Those who keep us safe: Antonio Austin



Antonio Austin can do it all (with permission)

Antonio Austin has a little quote he likes to focus on when his life gets a little hectic or overwhelming. He repeats it to himself like a mantra: “I can do it all.”

After interviewing him and learning about his life, it became apparent that he most certainly can and he does. 

Austin is a firefighter with Bovina Volunteer Fire Department / Warren County Fire Service among many other things. He is also a public relations specialist and an educator with advanced degrees in Computer and Information Technology Science and he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Pure Mathematics with Physics.

Antonio Austin (with permission)

If all of that isn’t enough, he is very involved in the community outside of being a volunteer firefighter. He is an active member of the Living Word Baptist Church and regularly attends Cedar Grove MB Church. He is an active member in the Sons of American Legion where he assists, honors, and serves veterans in our area. Austin volunteers his time at Vicksburg Family Development where he mentors, trains, and tutors young men in their Male Image Program. He recently joined the American Legion as a member helping serve veterans across the United States. And if all of that isn’t enough, he participates in Walgreens’ Red-Nose charities every year to stop childhood poverty.

With such a full schedule, it’s no wonder Austin says time management is the most challenging part of his careers. He knows it’s important to balance his time between those he loves and what he loves to do.

Austin admits that he occasionally gets tired and there are times when things get hard. “During those moments when I’m unsure of myself or I need motivation, I remind myself of my favorite quote and say it boldly to give myself the strength I need.”

It obviously works because Austin can and does ‘do it all’.


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