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Those who keep us safe

Those Who Keep Us Safe: Austin Griffin



Austin Griffin next to his house (photo by David Day)
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VICKSBURG, Miss. (Vicksburg Daily News) – To put it simply, Austin Griffin is a good man. He epitomizes the definition of hard-work, determination and courage. 

The married father of three not only juggles a full-time job at Tyson and his own work in remodeling and construction, for the last four years he has been a proud and dedicated member of the LeTourneau Volunteer Fire Department.

Those that know Griffin are quick to share stories of how he has selflessly helped them in times of distress and need. His coworkers can give countless instances where Griffin has bravely battled beside them without hesitation.

He is quick to give aid, support and comfort to everyone he encounters. 

It was those qualities that became necessary last week when a terrible storm caused trees to fall and totally demolished his family’s home while he, his wife and his children were inside.

Griffin and his family were miraculously uninjured, and Austin and Heather give God all of the glory for that miracle. The two rooms they happened to be sleeping in were the only two not crushed by the weight and blows of the giant trees.

Austin had to break a window to get his family out of the house and loaded in their vehicle. He then realized they were trapped in by a number of large trees that had fallen. He called a friend for help to get his family out safely, and even though his own home was destroyed and in need of his time and attention, Austin took the time to help neighbors cut trees and tarp their own homes.

(photo by David Day)

The Griffins have received a tremendous amount of support from the community that Austin has so bravely served as a firefighter as so many people want to give back to a man who has given so much of himself to others. He and the rest of his family are incredibly grateful.

The Griffins are facing a long road to get their lives back to the way they were. They are currently staying with relatives, and have long term plans to once again have their own home even though the amount of work required to make that happen is daunting and would be overwhelming to most men.

But Austin Griffin is not ‘most men’ and with his aforementioned hard-work, dedication and courage there is no doubt that he will once again have a home for his family.

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