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Those who keep us safe

Those Who Keep Us Safe: Captain Joshua Gordon



Captain Joshua Gordon

Captain Joshua Gordon, a dedicated member of the Vicksburg Fire Department (VFD), has proven himself as a true hero in his commitment to public safety. With a passion for helping others and a strong sense of camaraderie, Gordon has found his calling in the firefighting profession. In an exclusive interview, he shared his journey, experiences, and insights, shedding light on the remarkable work done by those who keep us safe.

A Calling Discovered

Gordon’s journey towards becoming a firefighter began unexpectedly. After spending years working in cabinetry, he found himself seeking stability and a reliable source of income. Encouraged by friends already working in the fire department, he joined the VFD in January 2013. Initially driven by practical considerations, Gordon soon realized that firefighting was more than just a job; it was a rewarding and fulfilling vocation.

“I had a few friends that worked here in the fire department, and they were hounding me about coming (on),” said Gordon. “That’s how it started, but I love it now.”

There was not one single defining moment that made Gordon realize he chose the correct path, but he did recall a time when he first arrived that has stayed with him.

“As soon as I got here and met a few of the guys during the first weeks of orientation, I just knew then. It’s like another family up here,” recalled Gordon.

Gordon discovers the Joy of Helping Others

“When I first came here, I came for a steady paycheck. But as soon as I got here, I knew I was going to enjoy it,” Gordon recalled.

Gordon discovered his true passion for the job when he became involved in rescue operations. Assisting people from various walks of life and encountering different challenging situations made him realize the profound impact he could have as a firefighter.

“That’s really when I noticed – because you help people in different walks of life and different situations,” Gordon explained.

The diversity of experiences within the realm of rescue solidified his commitment to serving others.

Unseen Realities

The nature of Gordon’s profession exposes him to the harsh realities of life, including encounters involving children. These challenging situations leave a lasting impact on him.

Perspectives can change once you are on the inside. This is something Gordon realized once he joined VFD. Gordon states that from the outside looking in, there may not seem like there is too much involved with the job, but points out that view couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Honestly, until you work here you don’t realize how many people around here actually need help,” Gordon stated. “When you are out on the streets, not working here, you don’t hear all the calls.”

The emotional toll of witnessing distressing events is an unspoken burden carried by firefighters, often unknown to the public.

“We see a lot of bad stuff. People don’t know about that either. That’s the hard part,” Gordon revealed.

Gordon offers Words of Wisdom

For those considering a career in public service, Gordon imparts invaluable advice. “Your heart’s got to be in it for sure,” he emphasized.

Gordon encourages aspiring firefighters to maintain a passion for their work and to continuously train and learn. He acknowledges that the learning process in this field is ongoing, stating, “There’s always something you can learn in this job. You’re never going to learn it all.”

The commitment to personal growth and improvement is vital in fulfilling the demanding responsibilities of a firefighter.

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