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Those who keep us safe: Claude Billings



Sgt. Claude Billings (Photo by David Day)

With 30 years and counting in law enforcement, Claude Billings has always known the criminal justice field was his purpose in life.

“It’s all I’ve ever done and known,” Billings said.

The Rolling Fork native owes his law enforcement start to his mother.

“My mother was a dispatcher for the Sharkey County Sheriff’s Department when I was a kid, so that is what really got me into the field,” Billings said.

Billings’ lengthy 30-year career has landed him many titles including police chief, K9 officer and sergeants for different divisions.

“I’ve seen everything and done everything in the field,” Billings said.

Currently serving as sergeant over the warrants division of the Vicksburg Police Department, he said his favorite area to serve is on the motorcycle patrol unit.

“When I’m on the motorcycle, it gets me out of the same old routine,” Billings said.

The 52-year-old called Vicksburg home after he got married in 2013 and has been with the Vicksburg Police Department since 2015.

Billings said coping with stress is very important for anyone serving in law enforcement, and he has his own techniques to de-stress.

“I work in the yard and work around the house, and I love spending time with my wife,” Billings said.

Although he is over a quarter of a century into his career, his enthusiasm for the job has not diminished.

“I have worked my butt off,” he said. “I work hard. I’m constantly going 90 to nothing. I don’t stop.”

With his experience in the field, Billings plans to stay and keep moving up the ranks within the department.

“I work for a great administration, and I hope to stay here and keep advancing,” he said.

The passion for law enforcement that was instilled in him at a young age is the same passion he has 30 years later.

“I love the job,” he said. “Everything about it, I love it. I mean, I have to love it to be doing it this long.”

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