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Those who keep us safe: Jonah Masterson



(photo courtesy Jonah Masterson)

Following in your father’s footsteps can sometimes be a daunting task, but for Jonah Masterson it has felt like more of a calling. 

“My dad is a family physician, so I grew up wanting to do something in the medical field,” Masterson said. “I knew the fire department had that option by working on the ambulance.” 

Masterson works at the Vicksburg Fire Department, serving as an emergency medical technician and is in the process of becoming a paramedic.

“My favorite part about riding on the ambulance is the different experiences you get to have,” he said. “You get to see all different things, some good things and some bad things.”

He comes from a large family and is one of five siblings. 

“They are very big supporters of me,” he said. “This job is not easy. You see a lot of stuff, so it’s always good to have people that support you and are proud of you.”

Most supportive, and most understanding of the job and the insane work hours, is his wife, Hannah, who is a nurse.

“We both work really long hours,” Masterson said. “It’s really hard, but the days you have at home, you really got to make them count.”

Masterson is a native of Vicksburg and does not plan to leave anytime soon.

“Your hometown always has a special place in your heart,” he said. “Some people are eager to get out as soon as they can, but I’ve always felt drawn to stay here.”

He was thrown into the ‘fire’ when choosing to join the department.

“I never grew up knowing what being in fire service looked like, so the chiefs and captains here really have helped me,” he said.

One captain who stands out for Masterson in particular is William Wienke, who serves as a paramedic with the department.

“He really has taken me in and showed me so much about fire service and the medical side of things,” Masterson said. 

Masterson said his passion is to serve. He serves his community, but he also serves at his church as a youth group leader. 

“I’ve always loved the church and always loved helping people,” he said. “Serving at my church, Triumph, and working with the fire department really go hand and hand.”

Above all else, Masterson feels that the job of serving is a calling.

“You wake up every day ready to make a difference and answer the call,” he said.

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