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Those who keep us safe: Joseph Stubbs



Joseph Stubbs (Photo courtesy Joseph Stubbs)

Joseph Stubbs, or just “Stubbs” as he is known, uses his job as a patrol officer at the Vicksburg Police Department to spread a positive outlook on law enforcement.

“To me, this job was never about arresting people or writing tickets,” Stubbs said. “It was about all the people I could help.”

Stubbs, 29, is married with two children. The Vicksburg native has always had the passion of serving the community.

“I just enjoy being that guy you can call,” Stubbs said.

His start in law enforcement began with some heavy research.

“Growing up, I always had an interest in a career in law enforcement,” Stubbs said, “so I looked up some information on the career and saw this job would allow me to become more involved in the community and help the residents that call the community home.”

In January, Stubbs will have been with the Vicksburg Police Department for seven years. In that time, he has received many awards and recognition, but two that really stick out to him happened in the same year. In 2019, Stubbs received Top Cop which is voted on by the chiefs of the department and lands the top officer state recognition. The second award Stubbs received in 2019 was a community award when he was voted Best Police Officer.

“Receiving the awards made me feel good,” Stubbs said. “I’m honored, don’t get me wrong, but it also made me feel like I’m not done yet. This is just the beginning. There is more for me to accomplish.”

As a police officer, Stubbs supports the cause of peaceful protests around the nation regarding police brutality.

“I back them up because there is police brutality in our nation,” Stubbs said, “and I strive my hardest to change that. I want to be that one officer to change the scope of police brutality. I want people to feel safe around me and know they can count on me.”

June 5, Vicksburg held a peaceful march down its historic streets where hundreds gathered to make their voices heard.

“As a department, we were nervous at first,” Stubbs said. “We weren’t nervous about the locals. We know our people. We knew they would do right and use their voices for good, but we did not know what out-of-town people, or the people who may not agree with the protest would do.”

Overall Stubbs believes the protest went well.

“I believe they were heard, and it was all for an amazing cause and an issue that I support,” Stubbs said.

Over time, law enforcement has had a negative connotation associated with brutality, and Stubbs wants to provide positive messaging and encouragement to counter that.

“I want to change the outlook on a police officer,” Stubbs said. “There is so much negativity on police officers right now, and I want to be the encouraging factor that changes society’s perspective and opinion on law enforcement.”

Growing up, Stubbs said he would have never thought he would become a police officer.

“I was a wallflower and a little weird in school, but I grew out of it. This job made me grow up quick,” Stubbs said.

As Stubbs nears seven years with the Vicksburg Police Department, he lives by one goal.

“At the end of the day, I want to serve this community to the best of my ability,” he said. “I want to make it better for all the people who call Vicksburg or Warren County home. I serve today to make a better tomorrow.”


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