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Those who keep us safe

Those who keep us safe: Lieutenant Jessie Tilly



Lieutenant Jessie Tilly

Lieutenant Jessie Tilly has served with law enforcement for 13 years. Starting out at a small precinct in New York, Tilly eventually found his way to Warren County and was inspired by the community to continue serving.

Lieutenant Jessie Tilly

Lieutenant Jessie Tilly (Photo submitted)

Tilly began at the Warren County Jail in 2009. Eventually, he served as a bailiff at the courthouse and then transferred to patrol in 2017/2018. During his time on patrol, Tilly was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Tilly eventually found his way back to the jail, serving as the security supervisor and overseeing the day-to-day operations. Tilly received a promotion to lieutenant this year.

Jessie Tilly joins the community

Tilly worked for a small precinct in New York and moved to Vicksburg in his early 20s. He began serving at the Warren County Jail in 2009, meeting new people and getting acquainted with his new home.

“When I moved, I didn’t know too many people until I started working here at the sheriff’s office,” said Tilly.

Tilly found mentors in Ray Thompson, Sam Winchester and Sheriff Martin Pace who he says taught him a lot about the job and community.

On the sheriff, Tilly said, “He does everything he can for the community itself and inspired me to do the same thing. I learned even more from the sheriff when he put me over patrol division.”

Inspired to serve

Tilly was unsure about carrying on his father’s legacy as a law enforcement officer at first but says he found his inspiration within the Warren County community to continue serving.

“My father used to be a law enforcement officer in New York,” began Tilly. “It wasn’t something that I wanted to do. [However], the people here are very kind and willing to get involved and help us out with our job on a day-to-day basis.”

Warren County proved to be a close-knit community and it didn’t take Tilly long to become well acquainted. Tilly stated it only takes an open ear.

“You learn a lot about them, you learn a lot about the community and the people that are around you,” said Tilly. “You get to know just about every single person living here.”

Gaining wisdom

Tilly has found the job itself has its own lessons to offer.

“It takes a special type of person to want to do law enforcement,”‘ began Tilly.  “It teaches you discipline and to be patient. The majority of people just want someone to talk to and to listen. It teaches you to be a lot more patient and calm.”

A thank you and a message

“I’d like to thank Sheriff Martin Pace for giving me the opportunity to serve under him. It’s been an honor and a pleasure,” said Tilly.

Tilly was asked if he had a message he would like to convey to the community. He simply responded, “We are here for you.”

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