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Those who keep us safe

Those who keep us safe: Lieutenant Reginald Galloway



Reginald Galloway vicksburg fire department
Reginald Galloway (Photo submitted)

Who is Reginald Galloway?

Reginald Galloway is a 27-year-old father of three and husband who began his career at the Vicksburg Fire Department in 2016. Galloway is a 2013 graduate of Vicksburg High School and a lifelong Vicksburg resident. Since becoming employed with the Vicksburg Fire Department, he has served as a paramedic and gained the rank of lieutenant.

Choosing his own path

Galloway didn’t really have any heroes growing up who he tried to model himself after. Instead, Galloway forged his own path through life.

In 2016, after Galloway was out of college, opportunity knocked, dressed in turnouts.

“It’s not something that I always wanted to do,” said Galloway. “I didn’t grow up wanting to be a firefighter.”

However, after meeting a couple of firefighters while on a call, Galloway chose to seize the opportunity.

“I met two firefighters while they were on an emergency call. They told me that the fire department was hiring and asked if I was interested. I tried out and it went from there.”

Galloway joined the Vicksburg Fire Department in May 2016.

“Once I started, I fell in love with it,” said Galloway. “I fell in love with firefighting and the EMS side.”

Reginald Galloway

Lieutenant Reginald Galloway of the Vicksburg Fire Department. (Photo submitted)

The right move

Galloway stated he feels the choice to join the Vicksburg Fire Department was the right decision. Galloway stated that when people call, it can be “their worst day.”

“Maybe it’s a house on fire, or they are sick or their family member is sick, and just making a difference… To me, that’s the best part. It’s rewarding knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life, on possibly the worst day of their life, to be that person.

It’s a rewarding career.”


Sometimes, said Galloway, the shifts can run up to 24 hours long. One of the hardest things he says he’s had to do is adjust to it. However, a type of family bond that exists within the department has helped to make things easier.

“Being there with the guys, it’s like a brotherhood,” said Galloway. “We lean on each other, we’re always there for each other, so that’s good and it makes it a lot easier.”

Words of wisdom

For those who may be thinking of starting a career in the same field, Galloway offered some sage advice to aid the novice in knowing who to turn to.

“Lean on the older guys. Lean on those guys for advice, for wisdom, go to them for help. That’s going to be your best resource,” said Galloway. “That’s something I did and it helped me a lot. You’ll learn a lot from those guys.”

For advice on how to respond to the public, Galloway stated that compassion is key.

“You never know what someone is going through,” said Galloway. “Sometimes they need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. On duty or off duty. Be there for people.”

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