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Those who keep us safe

Those who keep us safe: Linda Pugh



Linda Pugh
Sheriff Martin Pace and Linda Pugh

Warren County owes a debt of gratitude to the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to maintain law and order within the community. Among these exceptional individuals is Linda Pugh, a remarkable woman who has served the county for over three decades, ensuring the smooth operation of the Warren County Jail. As Linda Pugh bids farewell to her role as jail administrator, it is only fitting to acknowledge her remarkable career and the impact she has made on the lives of countless individuals in this edition of Those who keep us safe.

A Lifelong Commitment to Warren County

Linda Pugh’s journey at the Warren County Jail began in 1987 when she joined as a jailer. Little did she know that this decision would shape her life in profound ways. Over the years, Pugh became an integral part of the jail’s fabric, witnessing its evolution firsthand. After the election of Sheriff Martin Pace, Pugh assumed the role of administrator, ensuring the smooth functioning of the jail.

Pugh humbly stated, “I’ve been at the jail since day one.”

Answering the Call to Serve

With a degree in education under her belt, Linda Pugh felt a calling to make a meaningful difference in her community and seized the opportunity to apply for a position at the Warren County Jail. Little did she know that this decision would shape the course of her career and lead her to become an invaluable asset.

Captain Grant, the administrator at the time of Pugh’s application, recognized her potential.

Pugh recalls, “That evening, he called me here at the office. It wasn’t an interview at that time.”

Upon being hired, Pugh quickly established herself as a dedicated and trusted member of the team. What started as a career choice soon transformed into a lifelong commitment to keeping Warren County safe.

Since then, Pugh has worked tirelessly, covering all shifts and embracing the challenges that come with her position.

Embracing a Lifelong Career

Early on, Pugh realized that her work at the Warren County Jail was not just a job but a lifelong career. The jail, its staff, and even the inmates became a part of her extended family. Despite the difficulties inherent in dealing with inmates, Pugh always maintained respect for their humanity.

“Regardless of what they have done here, they are human,” she asserts. She recognizes that these individuals will be encountered outside the jail, emphasizing the importance of treating them with dignity.

Linda Pugh reflects on her Journey

As Pugh awaits her retirement party, she looks back on her time at the Warren County Jail with mixed emotions. The job has had its challenges, but it has also provided her with meaningful experiences.

“I have had some good times here. I have had some times in here I’ve had to sit and think,” she said.

Pugh’s decision to retire is driven by her desire to spend more quality time with her family and travel since the recent loss of her mother.

A Promise to the Community

Pugh’s dedication and willingness to assist those in need will continue, as she invites individuals to reach out to her for support if it is needed.

To the community, Pugh states, “I’m leaving. I’m still around. I’ll see you when I see you in the streets, I promise you that. I wish you all the luck in the world. If you have to visit me, I’m around. You can give me a call and if I can answer questions for you, I will do so. I’m just leaving the department, I’ll still be around.”

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