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Those who keep us safe: Russell Dorsey



(Photos courtesy Russel Dorsey)

Highly decorated Vicksburg Police traffic officer Russell Dorsey has made it his mission to be a role model to young children.

“I was always interested in law enforcement since I was a child,” Dorsey said. “Police officers were my role models growing up, and I always had that dream of becoming one.”

Dorsey was recognized by the Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen in 2019.

Dorsey’s journey to become a police officer started when he began attending various police camps at Alcorn State University. It was at these camps that led the Port Gibson native to the Vicksburg Police Department.

“I always wanted to work at a bigger department,”he said, “and I felt like Vicksburg was the perfect place for me to come and learn more about law enforcement.”

Dorsey not only is a traffic officer with the Vicksburg Police Department, but he also works part time as a detective in Port Gibson.

In his 12 years in law enforcement, 11 of those years have been spent with the Vicksburg Police Department.

During his career, Dorsey has been a part of many remarkable moments, but two heroic moments really stick out for him.

In 2012, Dorsey led the charge in rescuing a female from jumping from the Mississippi River Bridge. More recently, Dorsey pulled an older gentleman from his burning home and was recognized by the Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen in 2019.

“I was at the police department when the call came in,” he said. “I was on high alert when they said someone was trapped inside.”

Dorsey rushed to the scene, and he forced entry into the home. He then was able to pull the man to safety escaping major injury.

Police officers are so often exposed to many elements and must expect the unexpected.

“We always have to be vigilant and focused,” he said. “We have to rely on our training, and we have to make the best decision to turn a bad situation around.”

Dorsey has also racked up numerous awards during his tenure.

Dorsey received the “top cop” award in 2019.

In 2012, he received an award from the State of Mississippi for his work as a traffic officer. In 2017, Dorsey received Officer of the Quarter and then Officer of the Year from the Vicksburg Police Department. Rounding out 2019, he received the ‘Top Cop”‘ award during the Vicksburg Police Department’s annual awards banquet showcasing and awarding its officers.

Off duty, the 33-year-old Dorsey enjoys spending time with his four children, and he always holds a special perspective on his law enforcement career.

“You never know someone who may need help, so I try to help everybody I can,”  he said. “You also never know if you’ll be in that same situation one day and need help, too.”

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