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Those Who Keep Us Safe: Sedrick Hall, Sr.



Sedrick Hall Sr. (with permission)

When we think of all the brave men and women who work to keep us safe, we tend to think of firefighters, police officers, paramedics and EMT’s. We may occasionally think of the sharp, calm 911 dispatchers who send the heroic first responders to us when we call for help. 

But rarely do we remember the people who have worked to make sure all of those other brave men and women know where to go in the first place. 

This week, in our Those Who Keep Us Safe spotlight, VDN would like to recognize one of the people vital to making sure first responders and emergency personnel reach us quickly and safely- Sedrick Hall, Sr.

Hall is a maintenance specialist with the traffic department for the City of Vicksburg. He specializes in striping and repairing all of the signs throughout the city among many other things.

When I asked Hall to tell me about himself, his job and the things he has done that he is most proud of, he very humbly told me about all of the people in his life that have helped him become the success he is today instead.

Hall credits the late Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Roberts (Sue) for leading him to the path he is currently on. The Roberts were longtime, highly respected and deeply loved city employees who took young Hall under their wings.

Hall told me about his mother who he credits for making him the man he is. He told me about the great love he has for his wife and children.

He told me about his brother, Corey, with whom he owned and operated a security company.

He told me all about his supervisors, Dane Lovell and Eddie Henderson, who he clearly respects and admires.

He told me about his admiration for the late Tony McElroy, founder of RCCC (Revert Community Coalition Center), a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Hall is a board member.

Hall told me about the nights he’s been awakened because power poles have been knocked down and he told me about spending three days away from home when a big water line broke and he was the locater. Even then, Hall chose to downplay his own importance and wanted to focus on his co-workers’ actions instead.

It was proving impossible to get Sedrick Hall to brag about himself. I thought I’ll never get the information I need to let VDN’s readers know what kind of man Sedrick Hall really is.

Then it dawned on me that I actually had gotten what I needed.

Sedrick Hall, Sr. is the kind of man that is behind the scenes handling things in emergencies. He’s the kind of man that is successful yet humble. He is the kind of man who hasn’t forgotten the people who’ve influenced and helped him along the way. He’s the kind of man who loves this city and its citizens and works hard to keep it running.


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