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Every Friday night was a living dream for Jessie  DoLove Wilson, Jeremy Miller, and Miraculous Powers. The former Vikings, playing under head coach Josh Morgan, put on a show every week on the field. After graduation each player took a different path, but never stopped dreaming of playing on a professional level. The three have now reunited to play Arena football for the Magnolia State Spartans.

Jesse DoLove Wilson

Wilson, a 2017 graduate, led WC to a 10-3 season: throwing for over 1,400 yards, 14 passing touchdowns, 1,000 rushing yards, and 13 rushing touchdowns. He went on to star at Holmes Community College Bulldogs as a productive QB. Wilson ultimately decided to give up football, but he’s now back and ready to do what he does best.

“Back in 2018 I had my first child and with me losing my mom I decided to step away and take care of my boys because I have two kids now,” Wilson said. “All of that just now makes me push harder and I got a second chance with Magnolia State Spartans and I’m just trying to pursue my dreams and goals and keep moving forward.”

Jeremy Miller

Miller, a 2018 graduate, was a mad man on the field for the Vikings. Racking up 71 tackles and four sacks, finishing with a 9-4 record his senior year. A couple of family tragedies played a toll on Miller, causing him to walk away from football, but he’s now more confident than ever to get back into the game.

“I lost my father in 2016 and three years later I lost my cousin,” Miller said. “I eventually played for Holmes CC but I was cut from the team. Then I landed at Alcorn ,but after coaching changes I had to leave. Now I have this new opportunity and I just want to help take care of my community and show positivity to those who are trying to chase their dreams.”

Miraculous Powers

Powers, who graduated in 2016, is highly known for catching big touchdown passes against tough opponents like Madison Central. He was a top receiver for WC with a total of over 10 touchdowns before heading to Mississippi Delta CC. Powers always lived up to his name and has now been granted a second chance with the Spartans to show off his talents.

”First I’ll like to thank God for this opportunity to be great because without him, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am and I thank him for being here for me when I was down. It’s a blessing to be here to see this day come true,” Powers said.  “I was actually planning on giving up on football after high school. I didn’t receive any scholarships, so it was kind of hard for me to settle. I tried out for Mississippi Delta and USM but still wasn’t able to participate, so through out the years i thought about giving up on the game of football.”

“Before it was over, I got major support from my parents, my brothers, and Tracy Brown and they all helped me decide to get back in the game. Then I got a call from my former QB, Jessie Wilson, letting me know that there is a tryout for the Magnolia State Spartans and we both gave it our all and became apart of the team.”

The Spartans are with the Arena Football Association in Philadelphia, Mississippi and will travel to Kansas for their first game in April.

“What can I say? It’s going to be a great journey for us and I pray that me and my brothers Jesse and Jeremy put on for our city,” Powers added.

To sponsor any of the athletes contact them by phone:

Jesse Wilson 601-415-9354
Jeremy Miller 601-642-0505
Miraculous Powers 601-618-9512

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