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Today could be worse than April 13, 2019 – be prepared



Home on Jeanette Street following the April 13, 2019 tornadoes.

Three F-3 tornadoes hit Warren County on April 13, 2019. Massive property damage occurred at the Kroger Plaza on Pemberton Blvd and several properties around the Warren County area. Trees and power lines all over the county were down.

Tornado damage at Split Ends Salon, April 2019.

Shannan Allen Thomason hunkered down in a back room of Split Ends Salon with a coworker and an infant.

“We just hunkered down, its the only thing we could do.  Then all of a sudden the roof was gone and it started flooding,” she said. “That was the worst experience of my life.”

Kris George stands next to his 1986 Ford.
He was at ground zero during the tornado and rode it out at that gas pump. You may notice the piece of wood stuck in his tire.

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