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Today's Birthdays – June 9, 2011




Celebrity Birthdays 1781 George Stephenson inventor (principal RR locomotive) 1900 Fred Waring Tyrone Penn, musician/conductor/inventor (Waring Blender) 1915 Les Paul Waukesha Wi, guitarist/inventor (Les Paul guitar) 1922 George Axelrod playwright (Breakfast at Tiffany) 1926 Mona Freeman Baltimore, actress (Black Beauty, Dear Wife, Heiress) 1930 Jackie Mason comedian (The World According to Me, Chicken Soup) 1934 Donald Duck famous fowl 1934 Joe Santos Brooklyn NY, actor (Rockford Files, AKA Pablo, Shamus) 1941 John Lord England, keyboardist (Deep Purple-Hush) 1947 Mitch Mitchell drummer (Jimi Hendrix Experience-Purple Haze) 1951 Bonnie Tyler [Gaynor Hopkins], rocker (Total Eclipse of the Heart) 1961 Michael J Fox Edm, actor (Family Ties, Back to the Future, Teen Wolf) 1963 Johnny Depp Queensboro Ky, actor (21 Jump Street)]]]]> ]]>

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