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Today's Birthdays – November 13, 2011




Celebrity Birthdays

1715 Dorothea Erxleben, German, first female medical doctor (d. 1762) 1809 John A. Dahlgren, American Navy admiral (d. 1870) 1814 Joseph Hooker, American General (d. 1879) 1838 Joseph Fielding Smith, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (d. 1918) 1841 Edward Burd Grubb, Jr., American Civil War Brevet Brigadier General (d. 1913) 1856 Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1941) 1872 Leon Leonwood Bean, American inventor, author, outdoor enthusiast, founder of L.L.Bean (d. 1967) 1897 Gertrude Olmstead, American actress (d. 1975) 1904 H. C. Potter, American film and theater director (d. 1977) 1906 Eva Zeisel, American industrial designer 1910 William Bradford Huie, American writer and publisher (d. 1986) 1911 Buck O’Neil, American baseball player (d. 2006) 1913 Helen Mack, American actress (d. 1986) 1913 Alexander Scourby, American actor (d. 1985) 1916 Jack Elam Miami AZ, actor (The Dakotas, East Street, Rio Lobo) 1917 Robert Sterling, American actor (d. 2006) 1922 Jack Narz, American game show host (d. 2008) 1928 Steve Bilko, American baseball player (d. 1978) 1929 Fred Phelps, American pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, hatemonger 1932 Richard Mulligan, American actor (d. 2000) 1934 Garry Marshall, American producer, director, writer, and actor 1935 Tom Atkins, American actor 1938 Jean Seberg, American actress (d. 1979) 1939 Idris Muhammad, American jazz drummer 1941 Dack Rambo, American actor (d. 1994) 1941 Mel Stottlemyre, American baseball player and coach 1942 John Hammond, American musician 1943 Jay Sigel, American golfer 1944 Timmy Thomas, American musician 1947 Joe Mantegna Chicago IL, actor (House of Games, Weeds) 1947 Toy Caldwell, American guitarist (The Marshall Tucker Band) (d. 1993) 1947 Gene Garber, American baseball player 1947 Amory Lovins, American environmentalist and author 1950 Mary Lou Metzger, American singer (The Lawrence Welk Show) 1953 Frances Conroy, American actress 1953 Tracy Scoggins, American actress 1954 Chris Noth, American actor 1955 Whoopi Goldberg, American actress, comedienne, and singer 1956 Ginger Alden, American actress 1956 Rex Linn, American actor 1957 Roger Ingram, American trumpeter, educator, and author 1960 Neil Flynn, American actor 1963 Vinny Testaverde, American football player 1967 Jimmy Kimmel, American comedian and talk-show host 1967 Steve Zahn, American actor 1968 Pat Hentgen, American baseball player 1971 Noah Hathaway, American actor 1973 Ari Hoenig, American jazz drummer 1974 Joe Principe, American bassist, Rise Against 1976 Hiroshi Tanahashi, Japanese professional wrestler 1978 Nikolai Fraiture, American bassist (The Strokes) 1979 Ron Artest, American basketball player 1980 Monique Coleman, American actress 1981 Rivkah, American cartoonist 1981 Ryan Bertin, American wrestler 1982 Samkon Gado, Nigerian/American football player 1982 Michael Copon, American actor and singer 1996 Austin Williams, American actor]]]]> ]]>

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