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Today's Birthdays – October 30, 2011




Celebrity Birthdays

1735 John Adams, second President of the United States (d. 1826) 1871 Buck Freeman, American baseball player (d. 1949) 1881 Elizabeth Madox Roberts, American poet and author (d. 1941) 1882 William Halsey, Jr, American admiral (d. 1959) 1885 Ezra Pound, American poet (d. 1972) 1886 Zoe Akins, American playwright (d. 1958) 1893 Charles Atlas body builder 1895 Dickinson W. Richards, American physician, Nobel laureate (d. 1973) 1896 Ruth Gordon, American actress (d. 1985) 1897 Rex Cherryman, American actor (d. 1928) 1898 Bill Terry, baseball player (d. 1989) 1906 Hermann Fegelein, German Nazi official and brother-in-law to Adolf Hitler (d. 1945) 1908 Patsy Montana, American country music singer and songwriter (d. 1996) 1911 Ruth Hussey, American actress (d. 2005) 1914 Richard E Holz, American composer (d. 1986) 1915 Jane Randolph, American Actress d. 2009 1916 Leon Day, American baseball player (d. 1995) 1917 Bobby Bragan, American baseball player (d. 2010) 1922 Jane White, American actress and singer 1927 Joe Adcock, American baseball player (d. 1999) 1930 Clifford Brown, American musician (d. 1956) 1935 Jim Perry, American baseball player 1936 Dick Vermeil, American football coach 1939 Grace Slick, American singer (Jefferson Airplane) 1939 Edward Holland, Jr., American singer 1940 Ed Lauter, American actor 1941 Otis Williams, American singer 1945 Henry Winkler, American actor 1946 Robert L “Hoot” Gibson Cooperstown NY, USN/ast (STS 41B, 61C, 27) 1946 Chris Slade, Welsh drummer (Asia) 1947 Timothy B. Schmit, American musician (Eagles) 1951 Harry Hamlin, American actor 1953 Charles Martin Smith, American actor 1957 Kevin Pollak, American actor 1958 Joe Delaney, American football player (d. 1983) 1958 Ramona d’Viola, American cyclist 1961 Scott Garrelts, American baseball player 1963 Michael Beach, American actor 1963 Rebecca Heineman, Computer game programmer 1963 Kristina Wagner, American actress 1965 Charnele Brown East Hampton NY, actress (Kim-A Different World) 1966 Scott Innes, American voice actor 1968 Jack Plotnick, American actor 1970 Tory Belleci, American television personality 1970 Nia Long, American actress 1970 Ben Bailey, American game show host 1973 Adam “Edge” Copeland, Canadian wrestler 1975 Marco Scutaro, American Baseball player 1975 Maria Thayer, American actress 1976 Maurice Taylor, American Basketball Player 1977 Jason Adelman, American actor 1978 Martin Dossett, American football player 1978 Matthew Morrison, American actor 1979 Jason Bartlett, American baseball player 1980 Kareem Rush, American basketball player 1981 Ivanka Trump, American model 1981 Ian Snell, American baseball player 1981 Joshua Jay, American magician 1982 Andy Greene, American ice hockey player 1982 Manny Parra, American baseball player 1983 Trent Edwards, American football player 1984 Eva Marcille, American model and actress 1988 Janel Parrish, American actress 1989 Seth Adkins, American actor 1989 Vanessa White, British singer (The Saturdays) 1989 Jay Asforis, American singer 1992 Tequan Richmond, American actor]]]]> ]]>

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