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Today's Birthdays – October 31, 2011




Celebrity Birthdays

1632 Jan Vermeer Holland, painter (Procuress, The Astronomer) 1795 John Keats London, England, romantic poet (Ode to a Grecian Urn) 1835 Adelbert Ames, American general, 27th and 30th Governor of Mississippi (d. 1933) 1856 Charles Leroux, American balloonist and parachutist (d. 1889) 1860 Juliette Low, American founder of the Girl Scouts (d. 1927) 1875 Eugene Meyer, American businessman and newspaper publisher (d. 1954) 1896 Ethel Waters, American singer and actress (d. 1977) 1902 Eduard Franz Milwaukee Wisc, actor (Zorro) 1902 Willie Shaw race car driver (Indy 500-1937, 39, 40) 1912 Dale Evans, American singer and actress (d. 2001) 1912 Ollie Johnston, American animator (d. 2008) 1914 Joe Carcione, American consumer advocate (d. 1988) 1915 Jane Jarvis, American jazz pianist (d. 2010) 1922 Barbara Bel Geddes, American actress (d. 2005) 1922 Illinois Jacquet, American saxophonist (d. 2004) 1927 Lee Grant, American actress 1928 Cleo Moore, American actress (d. 1973) 1930 Michael Collins, American astronaut 1931 Dan Rather, American television journalist 1936 Michael Landon, American actor (d. 1991) 1937 Tom Paxton, American singer-songwriter 1939 Ron Rifkin, American actor 1941 Dan Alderson, American scientist 1942 Dave McNally, American baseball player 1942 David Ogden Stiers, American actor 1943 Brian Piccolo, American football player (d. 1970) 1944 Kinky Friedman, American musician and novelist 1944 Sally Kirkland, American actress 1945 Brian Doyle-Murray, American comedian and actor 1947 Deidre Hall, American actress 1947 Frank Shorter, American runner 1949 Bob Siebenberg, American drummer 1950 Jane Pauley, American news anchor 1950 Antonio Taguba, US Army Major General 1951 Nick Saban, American college football coach 1951 Dave Trembley, American baseball manager 1952 Bernard Edwards, American bass guitarist (d. 1996) 1953 Michael J. Anderson, American actor 1953 John Lucas II, American basketball player and coach 1954 Ken Wahl, American actor 1957 Robert Pollard, American rocker 1957 Brian Stokes Mitchell, American singer and actor 1959 Neal Stephenson, American author 1959 Michael DeLorenzo, American actor, director and musician 1960 Mike Gallego, American baseball player 1961 Larry Mullen, Irish drummer (U2) 1961 Alonzo Babers, American runner 1961 Kate Campbell, American musician 1963 Mikkey Dee, Swedish musician, drummer for Motörhead 1963 Johnny Marr, English guitarist and songwriter 1963 Fred McGriff, American baseball player 1963 Dermot Mulroney, American actor 1963 Rob Schneider, American actor 1964 Marty Wright, American professional wrestler 1964 Darryl Worley, American country singer 1965 Blue Edwards, American basketball player 1966 Adam Horovitz (Adrock), American rapper (Beastie Boys) 1966 Mike O’Malley, American actor 1967 Vanilla Ice, American rapper 1968 Antonio Davis, American basketball player 1969 David Coburn, American actor/voice actor 1970 Linn Berggren, Swedish singer (Ace of Base) 1970 Rogers Stevens, American guitarist (Blind Melon) 1970 Mitch Harris, American guitarist (Napalm Death, among others) 1970 Johnny Moeller, American blues guitarist 1970 Steve Trachsel, American baseball player 1971 Alphonso Ford, American basketball player (d. 2004) 1973 Tim Byrdak, American baseball player 1973 David Dellucci, American baseball player 1975 Keith Jardine, MMA fighter 1976 Piper Perabo, American actress 1978 Zachary Knighton, American actor 1979 Saaphyri Windsor, American reality TV figure 1980 Eddie Kaye Thomas, American actor 1980 Samaire Armstrong, American actress 1980 Alondra de la Parra, Mexican founder and artistic director of the New York–based Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas 1981 Frank Iero, American musician (My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Pencey Prep; founder of Skeleton Crew (record label)) 1981 Steven Hunter, American basketball player 1981 Mike Napoli, MLB catcher and first baseman 1984 Pat Murray, American football player 1990 Lil’ JJ, American comedian and actor 1992 Vanessa Marano, American actress 2000 Willow Smith, American actress and singer]]]]> ]]>

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