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Today's Birthdays – September 12, 2011 – UPDATED




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Celebrity Birthdays

1797 Samuel Joseph May American abolitionist (d. 1871) 1818 Richard Gatling American firearms inventor (d. 1903) 1894 Billy Gilbert Louisville Ky, (Great Dictator, His Gal Friday)1902 Margaret Hamilton Ohio, wicked witch of the west (Wizard of Oz)1913 Jesse Owens American athlete (d. 1980) 1931 George Jones American country music singer 1934 Gunther Gebel-Williams lion tamer (Ringling Bros Circus)1940 Linda Gray American actress 1944 Barry White American singer (d. 2003) 1952 Gerry Beckley American musician (America) 1952 Neil Peart Canadian drummer and author (Rush) 1954 Adrian Adonis American professional wrestler (d. 1988) 1954 Peter Scolari New Rochelle NY, actor (Jerry-Newhart)1955 Nina Blackwood Mass, actress/VJ (MTV, Solid Gold, Vice Squad)1956 Ricky Rudd American race car driver 1957 Rachel Ward Cornwell Manor England, actress (Thorn Birds)1958 Wilfredo Benitez PR, boxer (world champ at 17y176d)1966 Ben Folds American musician 1967 Louis C.K. American comedian 1968 Ler LaLonde American guitarist (Primus) 1974 Jennifer Nettles American country singer (Sugarland) 1976 Bizzy Bone American rapper, (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) 1977 James McCartney British musician, son of Paul McCartney 1980 Sean Burroughs American baseball player 1981 Jennifer Hudson American actress and singer 1983 Daniel Muir football player 1983 Clayton Richard American baseball player 1986 Emmy Rossum American actress and singer 1989 Freddie Freeman American baseball player]]]]> ]]>

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