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Restaurant Review: Toney’s Grill & Seafood Market by Bethany Claire Johnson



Toney's Grill and Seafood Market Exterior
Toney's Grill & Seafood Market

You want some food that’ll fatten you up, go ahead and take your trip down 61N and stop at Toney’s. It felt like a field day when I got there. I got my hair cut, some liquor, and seafood. Okay, that’s not true, but I do love that there are so many businesses so close in that one little spot. It’s perfect for a date night.

I went in with my fiancé and son. Already I was tickled by the atmosphere. I’m from Louisiana, and the decor reminded me of all those nights spent at our lake house at Lake Bruin. The Spanish moss on the trees, the fishing poles, the mason jar light fixtures. It felt like home.

Toney's Grill and Seafood Market

Photo by David Carlson

We ordered two appetizers because I’m the only person that eats fried green tomatoes in my family, but we all like the fried boudin balls. The boudin balls were HOT and crispy. My 8-month-old son ate an entire boudin ball by himself, then he resorted to playing with the inside of ours. It came with a side of comeback sauce. It was really a tasty pair. The fried green tomatoes were my favorite. I love an almost overcooked fried green tomato, if the sides aren’t black I send it back.

Toney’s fried green tomatoes/Photo by Adolfo Korman

That’s my motto, but these came out perfectly crispy, and crunchy. They were fried so well that the crust wasn’t sliding around everywhere like on some tomatoes. They were served with a homemade ranch that was phenomenal. My son decided to eat what was left of the ranch by himself.

For our meals, my fiancé had the grilled oyster plate, and I got the seafood platter. I also asked for grilled oysters. The oysters were very good, but I wouldn’t have minded if they would have stayed on the grill a little longer. They were packed with flavor though, and I still tore them up. I also got fried shrimp, catfish, hush puppies, and stuffed crab with the seafood platter.

The spirit of Paul Prudhomme must’ve been battering this food, because it was remarkable. The catfish tasted like it was fresh out of the water then thrown in the fryer. Mama Lena Richard herself must’ve put her foot in that stuffed crab because it healed my soul. The fried shrimp tasted like the song, “Take Me Home, Country Road.”

I really had such a wonderful experience, and the food is gonna last me two or three days with the amount they give you. Thank you so much, Toney’s! Look forward to seeing y’all again!

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