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Tortilla slapping, pies to the face, bug eating and the Sheriff got slimed



jordans way

A fundraiser at the Animal Shelter on Business 61 North/North Washington Street Tuesday morning raised over $16,000 for the new shelter.

The high-energy event was live-streamed by several groups including the Vicksburg Daily News. At each event, host Kris Rotonda with Jordan’s Way worked the live stream and crowd to raise money for the shelter. One promise made was that if the group raised $5000 before the event began, Sheriff Martin Pace would be slimed. The money was quickly raised and the Sheriff got it(around the 5-minute mark):

The funds raised will be used to outfit the new shelter with new cages for the cats along with other projects needed for the animals.

There wasn’t just slime, the morning began with locals being tortilla slapped in the face if enough money was raised. Pies were thrown in faces, eggs cracked on people’s heads and everyone spent time in doggie jail. At each event host Kris worked the live stream and kept the energy high and the mood light.

You may enjoy this video of several people getting a pie to the face and an egg cracked on their heads, including T. Claude Parker, the main promoter for the event:

Jordans Way is a group dedicated to helping animal shelters across the county. It was founded in 2018 after founding member Kris Rotonda’s dog, Jordan, passed away. Jordan, a Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, and Samoyed mix, was a shelter dog for 3 years before Kris went to his local rescue to find a new friend. In their 11 years together, Kris took Jordan everywhere he went. Sadly, in 2018, Jordan passed away from cancer, but her memory lives on through Jordan’s Way.

The Vicksburg Animal Shelter was nominated for the fundraiser over 200 times. “Normally we get 20, maybe 30 votes for nominations. Vicksburg really showed out to get us here,” said Rotonda. Shelter Boss Kacie Lindsey, in addition to getting a pie to the face, an egg on her head and getting sprayed down with water, said, “Vicksburg is the greatest. People always show up to help, donate and give their time. We are so lucky.” The lucky shelter boss also now has to spend the night locked in one of the doggie pens because the community reached its goal of raising $15,000.

Here is a video of several people being tortilla slapped, including David Day with the Vicksburg Daily News:

Jordan’s Way’s mission statement is “…to share meaningful animal welfare stories that inspire people to adopt. We publicize our efforts on Social Media to work towards influencing the Clearing of Shelters. Through our community outreach, fundraising and advocacy, we create a buzz around shelters that builds a compassionate community of pet parents willing to provide a permanent home to homeless animals.”

Kris and the Jordan’s Way team have already committed to coming back next year. You’ll want to get there early.

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