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Tropical storms Fred and Grace tracking to make landfall



Two tropical storms make their way toward landfall (credit: National Hurricane Center/NOAA)

Tropical Storm Fred is moving north-northwest over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, picking up strength as it approaches the Florida panhandle, where it is expected to make landfall around 8 a.m. on Monday.

The NOAA predicts heavy rainfall and flooding in Florida, southern Alabama and portions of Georgia and has issued a storm surge warning for portions of the Florida panhandle coastline.

Wind Speed Probabilities projected through Friday, Aug. 20. (credit: NHC/NOAA)

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Grace is tracking through the eastern Caribbean, with tropical storm warnings issued for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Sunday.

Tropical Storm Grace threatens Haiti as the search for survivors continues. (credit: NHC/NOAA)

Haiti, still reeling from the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that killed over 700 people and injured thousands more, is now under a tropical storm watch.

In 2010, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake that killed near 300,000, a massive blow from which they never fully recovered.

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