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Two brothers sentenced for Sexual Battery of an 11-year-old; Mother sentenced for trafficking



L-R Benny Cosby and Hyman Cosby
L-R Benny Cosby and Hyman Cosby: Photo by Keith Phillips

Two brothers, Hyman Cosby, 73. and Benny Cosby, 68, and the mother of the victim were sentenced on Thursday in Warren County after being found guilty of two counts of Sexual Battery involving an 11-year-old.

After a three-day trial in February, the Cosby brothers were convicted. The prosecution team was led by Assistant District Attorney Branan Southerland, with assistance from Liem Walker.

As the trial unfolded, Southerland and Walker highlighted a disturbing aspect of the case: the victim’s mother had allegedly sold her daughter to the Cosby brothers for $40 each, leading
to sex acts. The mother confessed during the trial that her actions were driven by drug addiction and financial desperation to pay her dealer.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office charged the mother with trafficking.

Before sentencing, the father of the victim first addressed the mother who sold his daughter, “You’re cold and heartless and we tried for 18 years to give you a better life,” he said. “You’re a foul low life gutter trash and you’re worse than the Cosby brothers and you should get the death penalty, but it’s not allowed under the law.”

The mother was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The Vicksburg Daily News has purposefully withheld her name to protect the identity of the victim, her daughter.

The father also had some harsh words for the Cosby brothers.

“I’m going to be there to haunt you day and night,” he said. “You two pieces of trash can look forward to burning in hell for all eternity and I hope you suffer long and slow for the rest of your miserable days. Welcome to hell dirtbags; enjoy your stay.”

Southerland advocated for the maximum sentence for each party involved, one request was granted but the two brothers received 30-year sentences. One brother will be 97 years old before being released, and the other one will be 103.

Under Mississippi law, if the two had been sentenced to life they could be paroled in 15 years. By sentencing them to 30 years Judge Chaney assured they will serve the entire 30 years.

The case was brought to light three years after the incident when the victim wrote a letter to her father, who contacted authorities. The daughter and her mother had not been in contact for a couple of years when the daughter came forward. When the mother was questioned by Sheriff’s Department Investigator Stacy Rollinson, the mother admitted to everything. “Although they had not seen each other in a couple of years, their stories matched exactly,” noted Prosecutor Southerland.

If you or someone you know is a victim of a sex crime, call 911 or the District Attorney’s office at 601-636-5754. There are people who care and who will help you. If you’re still in school, reach out to a trusted educator, counselor or administrator. They will help you.

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