Two overnight fires in the county

Two overnight fires in the county


Two fires ignited in the county overnight.

The first, at 9:42 p.m., was a camper on Heather Place that was a complete loss.

The first firefighter on the scene announced the camper was “on the ground” when they arrived. An indication that the fire had burned the camper all the way through before firefighters were able to get any equipment to the scene.

From initial reports, it seems an abandoned trailer was being torn down and a debris pile was being burned near the trailer when it ignited. The fire was close enough to another structure that equipment was brought in to stop the spread.

As firefighters were returning to their stations and restocking the trucks, another call came in at 11 p.m. of a structure fire on Burnt House Road in the south part of the county.

It turned out to be a small fire that required only one unit to extinguish the flames.