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A Vicksburg man has been charged with failure to comply after attempting to hide from police in the back room of Jacques’, according to police.

Shannon Daine, 43, was charged with disorderly conduct – failure to comply. He provided this information to social media via a photo of his “Custody Form.” A Custody Form is not a police report of the incident but a form used by police when a person is taken into custody.

According to the arresting officer, Daine was on or near Washington Street when a police officer ordered him to stop. Instead of complying he ran up the stairs at the side of Jacques’ and then into the open side door. He locked that door behind him and went into the building. He was behind the bar when the police knocked on the locked side door to be let in. Daine dropped whatever he had in his hands and ran to the back of the building, according to the arresting officer. After a brief search of the facility, he was found hiding in a storage room where he was taken into custody.

Although Daine is known to have a long association with the business, it is not clear if he is an employee. Requests for clarification of his employment status were not answered at the time of this report.

911 radio traffic indicated an officer believed drugs were at play; however, a subsequent search of the facility failed to yield any drugs.

Inside the building were a dozen or so people according to the police. Jacques’ employees claim there were less than a dozen and they were all employees or people waiting for a ride. It was just after 2 a.m., some two hours after the bar was closed. Chief Penny Jones issued a citation to the bartender for violation of the ordinance ordering bars closed at midnight.

The Vicksburg Daily News’ original story on this incident reported a man was arrested on narcotics violations based on the radio traffic prior to his arrest.

The owner of Jacques, Jay Parmigiani, has not returned repeated calls. His wife, Kara, has refused an offer to be interviewed on this story. Employees of Jacques are refuting the details of this story but have refused to go on the record with their claims.


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