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VDN’s adoptable pet spotlight



The Vicksburg Animal Shelter is chock full of loving pups and friendly cats. These animals are in desperate need of loving homes.

If you’re ready to welcome a new furry friend into your life, you may be wondering where to meet your perfect match. All of the animals available for adoption are special, but some animals just have that extra something that makes them stand out.

A trip to the shelter led to meeting some very cheerful friends. Dogs and puppies barked excitedly as they rushed to their cage doors to say, “hello!” One girl among them stood out immediately. She’s a little tan and white mixed breed with a face that displays almost human-like expressions. As her cage was approached, she lowered her belly to the ground and wagged her tail as she crawled around excitedly. She had a smile on her face- if you believe a dog can smile. All the other dogs poked and pawed at their cage doors. This little dog rolled over to show off her belly.

Aubreuna Carson, shelter employee, was happy to assist. When asked if the perky pup had a name, Carson responded, “we could call her Lily!” Lily was thrilled to come out of her dwellings and into the grass. She didn’t have very good leash manners, but it was only because she could hardly contain her excitement. A little attention and work would have her doing well on a leash in no time!

Lily is very curious and affectionate. She’s submissive and gentle but is also easily excitable. She still has some puppy energy and desperately wants to be loved. All the dogs barked to protest that they too, should get to come out and play. Lily listened to them and her giant eyes lit up as she posed picture-perfectly for her photos.


It appears that she’ll be a medium sized dog at full growth. She has a loving and submissive temperament but will likely need to take lots of walks or have a yard to play in. She’s energetic but quiet and very friendly. She seems like the kind of girl who will sleep often in your lap and also tear open presents with you during holidays. Lily was sure to roll over for lots of belly rubs during her visit. She definitely wants to play and was overjoyed by the attention.

Lily is currently staying in cage 9 at the Vicksburg Animal Shelter. Her uniqueness speaks for itself; she’s a dog who will make for someone a very loving companion. To inquire about adopting Lily, you can contact or visit the Vicksburg Animal Shelter during their business hours.

As an honorable mention, the cat located in cage 14 stood out the most. He is in the teenage era of his cathood, so he still has the sweet playfulness of a kitten, but also has the more laid back demeanor of a young adult cat. From first glance, he appears to be your average Tabby, but a closer look reveals a bold stripe pattern in his fur and large gold eyes outlined in black. His demeanor is as sweet as his face. Upon having his cage opened, he politely remained within while nuzzling any hand what would pet him. He peered over the edge once or twice to decide if he might try to leave and explore, but he seemed more content to get a little bit of human love. He didn’t have a name, but Waffles might be a good choice if one likes waffles.


“Waffles” is currently awaiting a loving home. Tabby cats often get overlooked in a shelter because they seem common. Despite having a dominant cat feature, Tabbies tend to be laid back, confident cats who all develop unique markings. Waffles is still young, so his features will continue to change and become more striking as he ages. Aside from his pretty looks, he is has a very loveable personality. He did have a difficult time staying still for a photo, but that’s because he was more interested in being loved on.

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