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Vehicle ends up in ravine after leaving I-20 roadway



Shortly before 3 p.m., a vehicle landed in a ravine after leaving the Interstate 20 eastbound roadway.

After veering off the I-20 roadway, this vehicle found itself inside a ravine. (Photo by David Day)

Just inside of the Mississippi state line, across the river bridge, a vehicle veered off the roadway, flying into a ravine.

No serious injuries were reported as a result of the crash. (Photo by David Day)

The vehicle reportedly just missed the retaining wall and sign, flew across the ravine and fell back into it.

(Photo by David Day)

First responders are currently working the scene. No major injuries have been reported as of this reporting.

Traffic does not seem to be significantly impacted at this time, though that may change during the vehicle recovery efforts. Please use caution in the area.

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