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Vicksburg Daily News’ featured pet



sugar glider vicksburg pet
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Today’s featured pets are a little more unusual than a cat or dog. They’re sugar gliders!

These fascinating little creatures are described as tiny, nocturnal, gliding possums and they belong to the marsupial infraclass. This means that they carry their babies in little pouches on their bellies until the babies are big enough to explore the world on their own. The family of Sugar Gliders that you’ll get to know now consists of a mother named Carole Baskin, a father Boosie and their two beautiful children, Elvis and Priscilla.

sugar gliders vicksburg featured pet

Photo by Tessa Scandizzo

Carole and Boosie welcomed their babies earlier in the year. Although the proud parents aren’t quite as particularly social, their children are happy to snuggle up in a warm human hand and take a nap. An attempted introduction with Ms. Baskin resulted in a high speed chase around the house as she desperately wanted to branch off on her own adventure. She barked loudly in protest of having her nap disrupted. She wouldn’t be soothed until she was placed back into her nest to curl up with her husband, Boosie.

sugar glider vicksburg pet

Photo by Tessa Scandizzo

The babies, however, were ready for their meeting with the press. Priscilla slept sweetly in the hand of a friend. She woke up for a photo and returned to her slumber. Elvis spent a good deal of time curled up under a warm shirt, but he was happy to investigate new people. His tiny hands gripped skin as he climbed about, looking for the perfect spot to cozy up for a rest.

The babies first came “out of pouch” on June 18th, which is technically considered their birthday. Samantha Tello, who has had the sugar gliders since the first part of May, said that the original owners didn’t have the time to care for the gliders. One evening she and her daughter, Ivey, went over to visit and enjoy dinner and they ended up leaving with Carole and Boosie. Tello jokingly said the sugar gliders were named for their attitudes.

sugar gliders vicksburg pet

Photo by Tessa Scandizzo

Tello said that while Elvis is her daughter’s favorite, she has bonded the most with Carole. Carole likes to lick yogurt off of Tello’s arm and even listens when her name is called. “I never imagined I would own a pet like this. I was raised around plenty of farm animals but nothing like this. I find them interesting and extremely funny at night when they’re in full blown play mode. But, there is also something sweet and loving about them even when they nibble a bit.”

sugar gliders vicksburg pet

Photo by Tessa Scandizzo

Sugar gliders are omnivores. Tello said they love fresh fruits and veggies but also enjoy protein. “Their favorite things to eat are grapes, scrambled eggs and strawberry yogurt.” When they aren’t busy snacking and enjoying the company of their human family, Boosie and Carole take good care of their babies. “They’ve been very good first time parents,” Tello mentioned, “I think going through that together has helped me bond with them more.”

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