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Vicksburg family stops man from jumping off bridge



family stops jumper

A man was prevented from jumping off the Washington Street overpass over I-20 by a Vicksburg family.

At about 3:45 p.m. Monday afternoon, a desperate man attempted to jump off the Washington Street overpass over I-20. Several family members were able to hold him down until police and paramedics could arrive.

Six family members, all women, held the man on the ground for over 10 minutes until enough police and deputies arrived to take over. “He is extremely strong,” said a man who was driving by and observed. “I thought it was several women fighting, but it wasn’t a fight among those women.” That passerby stopped his vehicle to help hold the man down.

When the first law enforcement units arrived at the scene they assisted the woman but it wasn’t until at least six officers and deputies were there that the man was able to be subdued long enough to shackle him.

family stops jumper

Law enforcement struggles to contain a man wanting to jump off a bridge. Photo by David Day

The contingent of law enforcement all struggled to get him into the ambulance, finally pulling the gurney out of the ambulance and strapping him in. Two officers had cuts or scrapes from struggling with the desperate man.

He was transported to an area hospital to be treated.

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