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Vicksburg Fire Department joins Hurricane Ida relief effort



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Vicksburg Fire Department (VFD) is preparing to deploy support to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to assist with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts.

“We are sending some manpower to assist whatever need we can,” stated Vicksburg Fire Chief Craig Danczyk. “We’re sending certified firefighters to backfill and provide those needs to those communities.”

Citing a shortage of staff at many of the fire departments in the area, Danczyk stated four Vicksburg Fire Department officers will be deployed to a rally point to receive their orders.

“I don’t know how long this duration will be, but right now we have approved orders and we’re sending four certified firefighter EMTs to Louisiana,” stated Danczyk.

After Hurricane Katrina, VFD assisted for months with sending manpower to support several areas in the Gulf.

“Just watching the news, I know there’s bridges out, there’s flooding, there’s no power,” stated Danczyk. “I think even last night, there’s still 900,000 plus people in Louisiana without power.”

Our guys will meet other volunteers from around the nation at a rally point in Baton Rouge where they will strategize and deploy resources. Teams from Hattiesburg, Gulfport, the State Fire Academy and from north Mississippi are committed to joining the recovery efforts as well.

“This will be 16 that we have on the ground in Louisiana,” stated Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney.

“We’ve got over a million people without power still, four days after the hurricane and our guys are down helping first responders have relief at their stations,” stated Chaney. Cheney added the crews aiding will also assist in search and rescue operations.

Speaking on conditions in the area, Chaney states most residents will have flood claims with a lot of them not having flood insurance. “We’re working with MEMA and FEMA and the Louisiana Emergency Management Agency to try and figure out what we can do to help them out,” said Chaney.





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