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“Vicksburg is a city of art.” – Lesley Silver



Lesley Silver’s Attic Gallery is celebrating its 50th year this weekend with most of the downtown shops joining in the celebration.

Art from the Attic Gallery will be on display, not only in the gallery, but also in downtown shops on Washington Street. The display will start at the Catfish Row Museum at Jackson Street. Art will be on display at many points,  all the way up to the Rogue in the 1500 block.

The map of events downtown for the Attic Gallery’s 50th anniversary.

Silver explained, “We’re putting art in many of the stores so people can come into the stores and look at art and know that Vicksburg is a city of art.”

Sharing her good fortune and helping others has been a lifelong path for Silver. Her gallery features an eclectic mix of styles and artists. “I always look at the art someone brings in. I never turn anyone down. I do have people that come in with art that doesn’t look like our place; because our place has a distinctive look to it. But I want to encourage them. I never want to discourage anyone but I want to be open to anyone.”

A Kennith Humphrey. (Photo by David Day)

A painting by Lambert is featured in this photo. (Photo by David Day)

Walking into the gallery you are surrounded by thousands of pieces of art. “I want you to be enveloped by art,” said Silver. “And it also, as you know, it teaches you to see. You learn how to use your eyes differently when you’re around art. And a lot of art makes you decide which one you like better so you’re always making decisions. The decisions are important because you learn about yourself.”

“I want the art to envelop you.” – Lesley Silver (Photo by David Day)

(Photo by David Day)

(Photo by David Day)

In 1971 downtown Vicksburg was going through a period of urban renewal and starting a gallery was a risky venture. When asked if she thought the business would last 50 years, Silver quipped, “I never thought it would last one month because I never planned to do this! But I never planned anything. It’s very organic. If anyone had asked me if I wanted to do an art gallery I would have thought they were crazy. So, here I am, 50 years later.”

The Attic Gallery events start downtown at 10 a.m. and coincide with the Old Court House Flea Market starting at 8 a.m.

A profile painting of an extremely handsome man, by Rayburn. (Photo by David Day)


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