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Vicksburg man survives COVID-19 and continues to grow his fashion business



Vicksburg native and businessman Roosevelt Harris

Two months ago, Vicksburg native and businessman Roosevelt Harris was hospitalized in intensive care for a week due to COVID-19. He’s back now and doing better than ever.

In June, Harris experienced a sore throat, headaches, cold sweats and other symptoms of COVID-19 but now he’s back to running his company, YBN, which stands for Young Boss Nation.

Harris started YBN in 2016 with his friends Nick Jones and Roshawn Smith and business associate James Smith. The popular Vicksburg brand consists of men’s and women’s apparel, including jumpsuits, tracksuits and many more items.

“I’ve always been into fashion, and I labeled myself as a young boss,” Harris said. “YBN is based on entrepreneurship, and I want people to see that they can pursue their dreams at any age.”

Over the past four years, YBN has expanded outside of Vicksburg, and Harris is now sending his clothing to customers around the globe.

“The company has grown tremendously, and I now have orders going to Atlanta, Germany, Texas, Florida, Memphis, New Orleans and basically all over,” Harris said. “I want my company to go as far as it will take me, and one of my goals is to get my brand in high end stores.”

Last year Harris held his first fashion show at the Treehouse in Vicksburg, and the organizers have asked him to hold another one this year.

“I had local people as models for my brand, and it was a great success.” Harris said, “and I’m looking forward to throwing another show this year in November.”

Harris has also had celebrity friends wear YBN outfits at events, including nationally known record producer Wheezy.

Harris is grateful to all the people who supported him in his business dreams and getting him through a tough time with COVID-19, “I definitely thank the City of Vicksburg and my family and friends for the support into helping my brand grow,” he said. “I want to thank my kid’s mother, my parents Wanda and Roosevelt Harris Sr., and my friend Kenny Green for all of the help during that time.”

If you’re interested in YBN products, contact Harris through his Instagram page or Facebook page.




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