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Vicksburg native Alvin Stimage Jr. launches apparel company SumToSay



Alvin Stimage Jr. (with permission)

Vicksburg native Alvin Stimage, Jr. has created SumToSay, an apparel company with styles for men, women and babies.

Stimage began SumToSay in December 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic gave him the idea to place important messages on his apparel. During the height of the pandemic, with everyone wearing masks and keeping distance from each other, Stimage saw a way for individuals to communicate with inspiring messages on clothing.

“The words on my clothing is a way to deliver a message non-verbally and to inspire, empower and motivate others,” Stimage said.

Stimage’s first apparel design was a shirt that had the message “Invest in Yourself” written across the chest. That design is just one of the many inspiring options he has created in SumToSay.

Stimage launched a website and designed a logo, which has a significant meaning. The gold represents power, compassion and prosperity, while the microphone and hand symbolize the notion that individuals should pass the microphone because everyone has something to say.

The logo was created to represent the voice of every individual (with permission)

Although his company is still at its beginning stages, Stimage has goals of it becoming bigger and reaching people on a deeper level.

“My goal is to impact individuals and give them a way to embrace life,” Stimage said. “It’s not about the money, and I want to thank God for giving me this vision,” he added.

Stimage is a graduate of Vicksburg High School and Mississippi State University and continues to strive to inspire everyone.

To check out or order apparel from SumToSay, visit the website

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