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Resources offered by the Salvation Army of Vicksburg



Salvation Army Vicksburg
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The Salvation Army, located in Vicksburg, offers several relief programs and opportunities for assistance to families and locals.

One service they provide is free food to the community throughout the week. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the office, located at 530 Mission 66, has a table in the corner stacked with boxes of fresh Pizza Hut pizzas, bakery bread, food boxes and more. Each person who arrives can discreetly receive up to two boxes of pizza as well as whatever other bread or goods they need within reasonable limits. This service is offered between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. However, they allow people to pick up whatever available food is left over even after those hours.

In addition to providing meal services, the Salvation Army has programs for families who want to escape poverty. According to research listed on their website, children who spend at least half of their youth in poverty are more likely to grow up to repeat the same financial struggles as their parents. Families who wish to break the cycle can look into their Pathway of Hope, which aims to treat the cause of poverty and help individuals with their specific needs in achieving stability. They offer assistance in finding housing, community support and education on how adults can take control of their circumstances to free themselves from negative circumstances. They claim to rely on community support and accountability as they continue to track and assist those who want to climb the ladder to success.

Additionally, individuals can learn about the many resources available to them regarding assistance for utilities, medical care, jobs, emergency shelters and more by visiting the office and asking for a brochure or information. The United Way of West Central Mississippi has provided a long list of phone numbers and locations where locals can learn what options they have relative to what sort of help is needed.

While many are aware of the Salvation Army, not so many are aware of just how many opportunities for aid currently exist for the community of Vicksburg. It’s no secret that this small Mississippi city has a large number of citizens who survive at or below the poverty line. The Salvation Army aims to help people maintain their dignity as they build self-confidence while having access to help when it’s needed.

For more information on what services are available, you can visit the Salvation Army website and enter your zip code. For info on what ministries and events are upcoming in the community, check out their Vicksburg Facebook page where they update posts about hot meal gatherings, support groups, volunteer opportunities and beyond.

Those in positions who can and want to support the Army are allowed to donate money, healthy foods to the food pantry, school supplies for children and volunteer their services. For information on when hot meals are being offered, one can call 601-456-4444. They will also provide food baskets by appointment when contacted in advance. Those who have no way of getting to the Salvation Army in person may be eligible for delivery service of essentials needed when possible.

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