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Vicksburg to host leg of Old Glory Relay to The World Games



Old Glory Relay
Staff Sgt. Yahaira Lescana, 1-338th Training Support Battalion, 181st Infantry Brigade, hold up the U.S. flag while running along the Great River Road near Fountain City, Wis., October 11, 2018 as part of the Team RWB Old Glory Relay. (Public Domain)
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Old Glory will be making its way through Vicksburg on Thursday as part of the Old Glory Relay to The World Games.

Military veterans and supporters run, walk, ruck, push, and cycle to move a single American flag as part of the Old Glory Relay to The World Games presented by Airbus, kicking off in Washington, D.C. The Old Glory Relay is hosted by Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB), a nonprofit organization forging America’s leading health and wellness community for veterans, and culminates in Birmingham, AL at the The World Games on July 7, 2022.

Russ Mathers, part of the Shreveport/Bossier chapter of Team RWB, states the chapter will be relaying the Flag 250 miles from Longview to Vicksburg from June 21-23.

“On June 23 we’ll leave the Chennault Aviation Museum in Monroe at sunrise with four runners each running five miles with the Flag.  They’ll then pass it to three bicyclists who will in turn ride with the flag attached to their seat post and relay it to Vicksburg. We’ll ride through Vicksburg and finish at the Visitors Center of the Vicksburg National Military Park.  An 82-yr old lady named Karen Lindblom will walk the last quarter mile,” stated Mathers.

flag route

(Google Maps)

“The Old Glory Relay is symbolic of our belief that veterans are our most resilient citizens,” said Mike Erwin, Team RWB Executive Director. “As we pass the American Flag from one supporter to the next over its 3,100-mile journey, we display consistent support that connects thousands of Americans.”

Supporters of all abilities can register to participate in a segment of the relay in Washington D. C., Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. Participants may also move an American flag in their local community by registering as a virtual participant.

“I live in London, Kentucky. I will be attending the relay by myself. I am 82 years old, but quite active for my age. My great grandfather, John Heck, was one of the first soldiers wounded at Vicksburg. His name is engraved in the Illinois memorial there in Vicksburg, and I have always wanted to visit there and see it. I lived in California for 81 years until I moved to Kentucky last year, so I have never been there. I love it here in the south. It would be awesome to be on the leg that takes the flag into Vicksburg, but I am sure there are others who feel the same way, and I certainly understand,” stated Karen Lindblom. “I am not sure how big a flag we are carrying, and how heavy it might be.  I was a court reporter for 30 years and ended up having two thumb fusions, so I don’t have the strongest of hands. That would be the biggest problem I might encounter. Perhaps carrying it a half mile or even a quarter-mile, if you have lots of people on that leg, would be fine. I will be walking, not running.”

To stay up to date on the flag location and route information, click here.

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