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Vicksburg Warren School District, do better



Superintendent Chad Shealy
(Photo from VWSD)

The news today that a child was abandoned on a school bus is just devastating. This is another example of bad news events coming out of the district.

Just the other day, the Vicksburg Daily News covered the graduation ceremony of Dana Road Kindergartners at the Washington Street Park. They held it there because the school did not hold a graduation for them.

A graduating senior who overcame disabilities graduated in the top tier of her class. But as she walked across the stage she wasn’t given the joy of having her name called or receiving her diploma, a once in a lifetime opportunity that was gone forever.

In late January, the school district increased Superintendent Shealy’s pay to $190,000 a year, while at the same time a snafu in the payroll caused teachers and paraprofessionals to not be paid on time. That event infuriated the community. Hundreds of comments on social media all condemned the school board and the Superintendent.

The Vicksburg Daily News was inundated with questions and accusations about the operation of the district and responded with an open letter to the district requesting they answer some of the questions that had been raised.

The school board did not respond.

A lost child, no graduation, not being recognized for 12 years of educational effort, not responding to questions – all of these things seem to indicate an arrogance on the part of the school board that they are above having to respond or answer to taxpayers or the press.

Vicksburg Warren School District Board,  you have created ill will in the community that is palpable and becoming explosive. All the good you’ve done will be washed away by your seemingly arrogant refusal to address the concerns of educators and taxpayers.

It appears you need to be reminded that you work for the taxpayers. You can rest assured they have not forgotten your arrogance.

At the same time, the taxpayers are praying that no more of their sons and daughters are abandoned, forgotten, not important enough or ignored.

Vicksburg Warren School District and Superintendant Chad Shealy, do better.

This is an editorial piece by the publisher of the Vicksburg Daily News.

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