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Vicksburg’s Pet of the Week



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This week’s pet of the week is Sue Lou, better known by his family as, “Kitten.”
SouLou by Haley Hollowell

SouLou by Haley Hollowell

According to his “mom,” Sou Lou answers to either his properly given name or his nickname. Haley Hollowell, who is the happy owner of Sou Lou claims that he is, “the most amazing cat.” She said that when she was pregnant with her child, Lou would lay on her belly all the time and “make biscuits.” She also mentioned that after she had her baby, Lou even loved to sleep in the crib or bouncer.
Sou Lou was ready to meet Hollowell’s baby long before he was born. Hollowell said that Lou waited for nine long months to meet her child and hasn’t left his side since. “He is absolutely in love with our son and is the best little babysitter!” she exclaimed.
Animals have a wonderful way of connecting to people and often form special bonds, especially with children. Sou Lou has loved and cared for his human “sibling” since their very first meeting. Sometimes animal companions come into ones life for reasons that don’t become obvious until they do. Perhaps Lou was brought into Haley Hollowell’s life to make a beautiful connection with her son.
If you would like to have a chance for your pet to be featured as Vicksburg’s Pet of the Week, please send us an email to [email protected]
Be sure to include your name, your pet’s name, a description of what makes your pet so special, your favorite pictures of your pet and a good way of contacting you when your pet is chosen. Remember that we love and want to see all different kinds of pets. Whether your pet is furry, scaly, feathery, or otherwise, we are happy to get to know them and see their adorable photos!
All photos by Haley Hollowell
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