Vicksburg’s Pet of the Week, Sadie the Boston Terrier


This week’s pet of the week is Sadie, the Boston Terrier with an affinity for healing people.

Sadie stayed by Kelda Bailess’s daughter, Chloe, while Chloe fought Covid

Sadie’s owner, Kelda Bailess, says that she and her family are, “smitten,” with Sadie. At only 4 months old, Sadie has already “provided emotional support for students at River City Early College after a tragedy.” When Bailess’s daughter had Covid, Sadie refused to leave her side. Sadie also offered her calming presence to a family member who was healing from a kidney transplant. “She’s proving that she’s got a huge heart. She senses when others need support,” Bailess said.

Sadie joins her “brother,” Wesley on the way to school

Bailess continued to gush over her puppy. “Sadie’s shown us just how intelligent this breed can be. Within the first week of having her, we had already mastered the sit command. Now she patiently sits when we fix her food and gazes at us with her greenish, light brown eyes.”

Sadie provides emotional support for students after a tragedy

Bailess is a school teacher and a mom of two. When her “school and student body endured an unimaginable tragedy in November,” Bailess said that Sadie, “brought a calm, lots of love, laughter, and snuggles to our students.” She noted that the sweetness of a puppy truthfully can lower cortisol levels and decrease stress.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Sadie knows when someone feels ill and takes on the role of the gentle caretaker. She has helped people overcome sickness and anxiety. Bailess referred to her as a little nurse. “She loves playtime too,” Bailess continued, “She has her favorite toys that she stashes in her crate or a bedroom. When everyone is together, she brings one of her toys to play. While we are getting ready for the day, she likes to grab a sock, shoe, and toys to collect them in her crate. It’s as if she’s taking little pieces of us to her space because she knows we’re about to leave for work and school.”

Sadie snuggles up with a friend and, of course, her shades

Sadie loves visiting Bailess’s parents, Nana and Papa. Sadie’s “grandpa” (Bailess’s father) has a special bond with Sadie. Bailess said, “Sadie adores Nana’s hugs, as most grandpups and grandchildren do!”

Ready to see Nana and Papa!

Most of all, Sadie loves cuddling with her human family. “We can’t wait to get home each day to see her. She’s the perfect addition to our family.”

Time to curl up for a nap for Sadie

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