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Vicksburg’s Pet of the Week



Cali (used with permission)
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This week’s Pet of the Week is Cali, the happy go lucky Basset Hound.

Cali is two years old and her family says she is the “best puppy in the world!” She loves chasing softballs and often playing with a laser pointer, chasing the “red dot” around for entertainment.

Cali, the happy go lucky Basset Hound

Cali, the happy go lucky Basset Hound

Her “parents” are Clay and Sissy Hudson, who say she loves people and especially other animals.

Cali will be two on Apr. 18. Sissy Hudson said, “This is our third basset hound. She came from a breeder in Morton. Even our friends think she’s the best dog ever. My husband plays softball and travels a good bit. He takes her to the fields with him. She (Cali) loves it (going to the field.) She loves other people and never meets a stranger. We take her to the ball park and she rips and runs around and just and tears up.”

Cali, the happy go lucky Basset Hound

Cali will be two on Apr. 18

The Hudsons don’t have children, but they consider their dogs to be extensions of their family. “This is our baby,” Sissy Hudson went on, “We have no kids. she wakes up at 5:30 a.m. in the morning and every day is just like Christmas morning for her. She loves to eat everything. There’s really nothing she wont eat. We keep her exercised because she loves to eat so much.”

Cali is a great guard dog. “She howls a lot and guards us,” said Sissy Hudson, “if she sees deer or anything out where we live, she howls and howls.” Cali is well loved and loves her family. That’s what makes her so special and has granted her the honor of being our Vicksburg’s Pet of the Week.

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