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VIDEO: Deer hits car and then attacks passenger



Deer attacks car and then passengter

Around 10 p.m., a vehicle struck a deer on Fisher Ferry. It then attacked a passenger of that car.

The sedan suffered minor damage to the right front fender area and the deer was knocked out by the impact. “We thought it was dead,” said the driver. As they got out to check the damage to their vehicle, the deer woke up.

9-year-old Aria explained, “I was standing in the door and the deer came up and tried to come in the car and hit me!”

Aria motioned to her right hip as the area where the deer struck her. She was okay and refused transport to the hospital.

Here is Aria and Grandma explaining what happened:

Dispatcher Hunter Ivey alerted the many units en route to the accident that the deer had fled into the woods, saying, “The suspect has left the scene.”

Numerous Sheriff’s Deputies including David Culbertson responded to the call along with Fisher Ferry firefighters led by Chief Mitch Lange. Fire Boss Jerry Briggs was also on the scene.

Fire Medic 80 checked out the young Aria and reported, as they were leaving the scene, “No deer for dinner tonight.”


Please use caution when traveling at night. The deer are very active this time of year.


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