Vinzant and Halpin drop out of supervisor races

Vinzant and Halpin drop out of supervisor races


The Warren County Election Commission has confirmed that District 2 supervisor candidate Will Halpin and District 5 supervisor candidate Patrick Vinzant have dropped out of their respective races.


In District 2, that leaves a match up between challenger, independent Stan Collins, and incumbent District 2 Supervisor William Banks, a Democrat. Collins is a first time candidate who was motivated to run after a series of personal life events immersed him in local politics. He currently sits on the Transportation Board for the city. His son, Michael, was lost in the Mississippi River a couple of years ago after an industrial accident. The pain of that event, “made me see how hard some of our law enforcement and first responders work in Warren County,” Collins said. “They need someone who will support them in return.”

Stan Collins.

Banks has sat on the board for a number of years and has won his re-elections with large margins.

William BanksWith Vinzant dropping out, the District 5 race is now down to three candidates from the original five as Joe Wooley dropped out of the race earlier this summer. In the November contest, longtime incumbent Supervisor Richard George face challengers Carl Campbell, an independent, and Kelle Banks Barfield, owner of Lorelie Books, who is running as a Republican.