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A video which shows a Warren County man being beaten at his home has gone viral and has been trending topic of discussion in local social media groups. According to Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace, the incident is still being investigated. Several of the individuals involved have filed complaints on one another. Sheriff Pace stated all information regarding the incident will be handed over to the District Attorney’s Office once the investigation is complete.

The video was posted to social media by Warren County resident Cameron Evans. The incident is reported to have occurred on June 4.

Evans explains in his post the incident began when an 18-year-old, identified by him as Chrischan Bordelon, attempted to hit his 11-year-old daughter in response to something which was said. Evans stated he headbutted the 18-year-old Bordelon in response.

“And then I stood up for my daughter and he bowed up at me and swung. So I head butted him,” Evans stated in his post.

The video posted begins with Evans and the young Bordelon sitting on the porch.  Moments into the video two vehicles are seen pulling up. One man, identified by Evans as Timothy Bordelon, father to Chrischan Bordelon, is seen walking to the porch and immediately starts hitting Evans.

[Editor’s note: The embedded video contains strong language. Discretion is advised]

The person in the second vehicle, identified by Evans as former 911 director Shane Garrard, is seen exiting the vehicle and proceeds to stand on the porch while the other two are engaged.

Threats can be heard in the video being made to Evans to leave Vicksburg. “Get out of Vicksburg. Because the next time I see you, you know what’s going to happen?”

At this point in the video, another person is heard in the background yelling for them to stop. A young woman is seen on the video walking out to the porch and is directed back inside by the individual identified by Evans as Garrard.

Evans posted on social media he has filed charges on Bordelon. Timothy and Chrischan Bordelon have filed charges against Evans with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. Evans also included photos of his injuries following the altercation.

Vicksburg Daily News previously reached out to the parties involved. No one has been willing to comment on the incident.


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