VWSD submitted COVID numbers to state, just not in time for report, according to Kilroy


Vicksburg Daily News emailed Christi Kilroy with the Vicksburg Warren School District inquiring as to why none of the schools in Warren County was listed on the Mississippi Department of Health most recent COVID report.

According to Kilroy, “The Vicksburg Warren School District continues to report all COVID cases and quarantines that we are aware of and are related to the school setting as requested by the Mississippi Department of Health. Reports from all schools are compiled and sent the first day of each week to the MS Department of Health. Schools and offices were closed on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Tuesday for the district-wide quarantine. Therefore, all numbers were reported to MSDH on Wednesday morning. If MSDH published their numbers before Wednesday morning, ours would not be included. Again, the VWSD has reported every week to the MDHS. We do not have data that “was not sent in”.”

She further went on to supply the following figures for the dates of the report for district COVID totals.

According to this figure, positive totals almost tripled for the week of Jan. 10-14 over the week prior, Jan. 3-7. Quarantine totals more than quadrupled during this time as well.

Data for individual schools was not supplied.