Warren County approves new fire districts to provide homeowners with insurance savings

Warren County approves new fire districts to provide homeowners with insurance savings

Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs (photo by Thomas Parker)

On Tuesday, the Warren County Board of Supervisors ratified the creation of three new fire districts in Warren County.

Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs requested supervisors approve the three graded districts in hopes of obtaining lower insurance rates for residents within five road miles of the fire stations that provide primary response.

There are two forms of fire districts: The first is a legal district funded by property taxes assessed within a five mile radius. The second is a graded district that is not affected by taxation, but can affect fire-insurance rates based on the district’s grade.

Briggs said legal district departments have requirements such as equipment, training, hose testing and several other criteria that must be maintained. The state insurance commissioner, who is also the state fire marshal, regulates the criteria. Each department receives a rating, or grade, based on the criteria and is reviewed annually. In Warren County, the legal districts are Bovina, Culkin, Eagle Lake and Fisher Ferry.

The new graded districts are Culkin District 2, LeTourneau and Northeast. Northeast turned the Redwood Road station over to Culkin last year, transferring some firefighting apparatus and related equipment. 

Homeowners within five road miles of these stations should see a significant savings on their next fire insurance renewal, Briggs said. He added that mobile home owners should be able to shop a wider array of carriers because only a couple of underwriters issue policies in rural areas with no fire ratings.

Briggs said his long term goal is to bring insurance rates down for all county residents. He added that the proposed second Bovina station planned for the Ceres industrial park should have an impact on Flowers area residents and their insurance rates.