Brantley brings balanced budget to BOS


At the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, County Administrator Loretta Brantley presented the Warren County budget for the fiscal year from Oct. 1, 2023, to Sep. 30, 2024.

Brantley reported an assessed value of $609,127,694 for the upcoming fiscal year, highlighting an increase of over $18 million from the current value of $590,179,297. “The assessed value for the upcoming fiscal year, $609,127,694.,” stated Brantley. “The current assessed value is $590,179,297, and that’s an increase of over 18 million.”

The milage rate remains unchanged at 117.77 mils. Brantley clarified, “which is good because it means there will be no increase in our milage rate; we will not pay anymore for our home Ad Valorem taxes, auto tags, utilities, business fixtures, equipment, rental properties unless you have an increased assessed value for 2024.”

The projected revenue for the fiscal year is $47,761,379, showing an uplift of over $1.7 million from the current year’s $45,998,607. Brantley remarked, “For the upcoming year, 73% of the proposed revenue is financed by the ad valorem tax levee.” She also added, “As of right now, for the fiscal year 2023, 69.7% of the revenue is obtained through the ad valorem taxes.”

Brantley detailed expenditures of $47,761,379, covering capital improvements such as a new roof for the Board of Supervisors building and the DHS Building, and mentioned, “We’ll continue with the start-up for the new jail with site prep and other expenses as necessary. IT upgrades, there will be a resurfacing of the tennis courts out at Clear Creek, playground equipment at the pavilion, and we’ll be getting new equipment for the road department.”

All eligible Warren County Employees will receive a $1 hourly wage increase, with the minimum wage ascending to $13 from $11. “Warren county is steadily trying to improve the lifestyle of our employees,” Brantley emphasized.

She explained that the budget incorporates funds for various sectors, stating, “This budget includes operating budgets for the 911 report, library, our six fire districts, vet services, Warren County court system, Hinds Community College, Vicksburg Warren School District, and Vicksburg Warren County YDC.”

Brantley concluded by affirming, “I’m happy to report to all of you that we do have a balanced budget of $47,761,379 for the upcoming year.”

The new budget can be viewed below: