Warren County burglars captured

Warren County burglars captured


North Warren County residents impacted by months and months of flooding also had to deal with a lot of “lost” property. Today, a month or so after the flood waters have receded, they may get some of that property back.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace has informed the Vicksburg Daily News that four felony arrests have been made. The individuals arrested are: Mark Davidson, of Egan Avenue; his son, Marshall Drake Davidson, 19, of the same address; Cody Alan Cogan, 22, of Culkin Road; and Kevin Caton, 18, of Stillwater Drive.

All four were arraigned before Justice Court Judge James Jefferson on numerous counts. Cogan and Marshall Davidson have been charged with building burglary and residential burglary, Caton with residential burglary and Mark Davidson with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The Sheriff indicated that there may be additional charges filed at a later date.

Three men suspected of a large number of burglaries in north Warren County, including areas flooded during the Great Backwater Flood of 2019, are escorted into Justice Court.

The Sheriff’s Department recovered a massive amount of stolen property from the arrests.

“There are so many stolen items to go through, and it is taking us a while to get everything logged properly,” Pace said.

He advised that those who have called and reported property as stolen can contact the Sheriff’s office at 601-636-1761 for further information.

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