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Warren County Emergency Director John Elfer addresses shots fired near Sports Force Park



Warren County Emergency Director John Elfer joined Vicksburg Daily News on Monday to discuss the recent incident in the woods around Sports Force Park. Eyewitnesses reported hearing 5 to 7 rounds fired from a high-caliber weapon, causing panic among those on the field and in the stands.

While there was no evidence of shots fired at the park, there is evidence that the shots echoed from there. The incident led to the response of numerous police units and Sheriff’s Deputies, who searched the area to ensure public safety.

“Your first option should be to try to run away,” Elfer advised when asked about what people should do in such situations. He also emphasized that all first responders in the area receive similar training, despite wearing different uniforms.

The advice to run away is a crucial step in ensuring one’s safety during an incident of danger. According to the “Run, Hide, Fight” guidance provided by the US Department of Homeland Security, individuals in such situations should exit the area immediately if they hear gunfire or other explosive noises or see people running or screaming.

In addition to running away, the guidance also advises hiding if there is no safe way to escape. In such cases, individuals should lock and barricade doors if possible, turn off lights, and silence electronic devices. If confronted by the shooter, the guidance advises individuals to act with aggression, throw items, and improvise weapons.

The incident near Sports Force Park serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and vigilance during times of danger.

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