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Warren County grand jury to resume the week of Aug. 24



The Warren County Courthouse
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Court proceedings that involve jurors will resume the week of Aug. 24 with the Warren County grand jury with Judge Toni Walker Terrett presiding. Out of concern for the safety of jurors due to COVID-19, the court will be selecting the jurors via video-conferencing. Prospective jurors received detailed instructions in their jury summons. Those who are selected will report to the City Auditorium as directed by the court.

“Serving on a jury is one of the most important civic functions a person can perform,” Terrett said in a statement. “While we appreciate those who are willing and available to serve, we definitely want to take every available precaution to enforce social distancing and keep our jurors safe. Technology is helping us to accomplish this.”

In light of a spike in COVID-19 cases in Warren County and throughout the state earlier this month, the court postponed specially set criminal jury trials. The courts have remained open, however, as both circuit court judges Terrett and M. James Chaney have continued to preside over hearings that did not require jurors to be summoned.

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