Warren County house fire rekindles for the third time Friday


Firefighters are on the scene for the third time since Thursday afternoon attempting to douse a fire that continues to flare up.

Thursday around 4:20 p.m., Warren County firefighters were dispatched to a home on U.S. Highway 465 at Eagle Lake. David Thrash and his family safely escaped from the home, although firefighters had to rescue Doodles, one of the family’s two dogs.

See our live, on-the-scene video from Thursday afternoon.

Doodles thanks Fire Coordinator Jerry “Fire Boss” Briggs for saving him from the blaze (photo by Thomas Parker).

Around 11:50 p.m. Thursday, the fire rekindled and flared up, completely engulfing the home in flames and destroying it. Firefighters were on the scene until the early morning hours Friday extinguishing the flames.

See our live, on-the scene video from Thursday night.

The fire flared again Thursday night. (Photo by David Day)

Friday around 11:29 a.m., the fire again flared up, sending plumes of acrid smoke into the air.

(Photo by David Day)

The cause of the flareups seems to be a propane gas line used in the home’s fireplace, and the fire was fed by the Cypress and plywood used in the construction of the home. Firefighters thought the gas was shut off Thursday. Neill Gas, who happened to have a crew in the area, was able to turn off the gas completely Friday.

The fire is under investigation.

The Trash home Thursday. (photo by Thomas Parker)