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Last chance for land redemption; Hardy warns of misinformation, and clarifies due date



warren county board of supervisors
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At the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Monday, Chancery Clerk Donna Hardy clarified information related to the due date for land redeption settlement payments in Warren County.

Hardy asked the Board to accept information for the settlement report for July, “where the Clerks office collected $291,054.94, and all of that has been properly settled to whomever it needs to go to.” The Board then unanimously accepted this report into information.

Hardy then took the opportunity to clarify the due date for payment as the county enters the “final leg,” of opportunity to pay.

“Counting today we have eight days left, that’s all,” said Hardy, “And we still have 420 properties out there still needing to be redeemed.”

Hardy commented that there is some confusion in the public about the stages of the sale.

“The sale will start Monday,” Hardy explained, “Yet maturity doesn’t really happen until the 30th.”

Those who need to redeem will have up until and including Wednesday, Aug. 30, to pay taxes on these properties. “By the next morning it will be too late,” said Hardy.

Information can be found at the website which the office strives to keep updated.

“I still encourage everyone to go look at it, and don’t call anyone but us… There’s some misinformation out there circulating, people even getting notices on their doors. That’s not us; we’re not doing that,” Hardy warned. “Any confusion, tell them to call the Clerk’s office; it won’t take us two minutes to look them up, see what they owe, get them on the right path.”

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